TIPA Day One – There and (Hopefully) Back Again

TIPA Day One – There and (Hopefully) Back Again

I find myself in a 15 passenger van, and it’s barely handling 10.

Our driver, my instructor, Don Fisher, just flew past a cement truck, blaring the van’s meager horn the entire time. The poor truck had the audacity to exist on the same stretch of road we were currently occupying, and Fisher wasn’t about to be having any of that.

I’m already bored of the music I loaded on my tablet, and the air conditioning I initially thought of as a godsend is currently turning my left ear into an ice cube. They may have to amputate.

We’re currently at a dead stop for no apparent reason, and our dear instructor appears to have steam rising from his ears. We have eight hours to go.

I’ve never suffered more for a few lines on a sheet of paper.

We’re headed to the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association, or TIPA, a competition for journalists such as my compatriots and myself.  Come to think of it, I guess it really should be called TIPAC, but considering half of my fellow convention-goers will be TIPA-ing out of the bar by the end of the evening, the name is rather apt.

We’ll be competing in various competitions like editorial writing, sports announcing, page design, critical review, enduring the snores of our roommates, and convincing ourselves that it’s not worth the jail time that would come along with smothering them to death.

This is the second time I’ve attended. The first time I left with only a 2nd place medal for critical review, and a greater appreciation for the effects of Jaeger on the human liver.

Of course, last year the convention was in Corpus Christi, just a hop, skip and a jump away from our home city of Kingsville. I much preferred this location, attendees from Oklahoma be damned. This year we’re going to Fort Worth, thus the enormous van and the psychotic driver.

God knows all of our resumes could use the bump from a win at TIPA. I hope it’s worth it. In the mean time, wish us luck just getting there alive. Since I’m currently in the middle of nowhere Texas without phone signal or wifi, I can’t upload this now. I’ll update later this evening whether we all made it.


8:04pm, the Forth Worth Hilton Hotel

Colton is dead. Happy TIPA everyone!


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