Police Blotter for March 26, 2013

Police Blotter for March 26, 2013

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Burglary of Habitation

Case No. 13-0230

University Village


Inhabitant reported a break-in, resulting in the burglary of his 32” flat screen television. Two other inhabitants noticed their own items were missing. A surround system had been stolen from the common room area and a box of clipper heads was missing from the bathroom area. There was force entry into one of the bedrooms, with the entire door lock broken inwards. No further action taken.

Damaged Property

Case No. 13-0236

Dotterweich Engineering Building


An officer was dispatched to Dotterweich Engineering in reference to damage done to Dotterweich statue. A word was written across the forehead of the statue in what the officer described as what appeared to be liquid paper. In addition, there was a clear white streak on the nose of the statue. The damage was removed and there is no further information available.