Rise of The Planet of The Apes Review

Rise of The Planet of The Apes Review

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By Joshua Cavazos

The Apes are back in this reboot film of the once popular franchise by director Rupert Wyatt.

This reboot also serves as an origin story that has a unique view of how everything started and a view of the humanity of the Apes and what lead to their revolution against humans.

Will Rodman (played by James Franco) has been hard at work in creating a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. He tests the cure on chimpanzees, which in turn give the Chimpanzee’s a higher level of intelligence that is even greater than that of an average human.

Rodman then saves an Ape and brings it home with him and the Ape is named Caesar. John Lithgow does a decent job of portraying Franco’s Alzheimer suffering dad and it was a decent performance.

Andy Serkis does a tremendous job playing the lead Ape, Caesar. The motion capture work that he has put into the character bringing an ape to life was just something to marvel at. Its truly one of the films higher points in terms of capturing that humanity and making its emotional tone really something unlike anything done before in this franchise.

Giant set pieces, awesome end battle scenes were just some of the aspects in which this film really shined and for a reboot film. WETA Digital (previously worked on the Lord of the Rings film trilogy) delivered on every aspect of special effects, including creating and bringing to life the Apes of the movie.
Director Rupert Wyatt needs to be commended for this tremendous film, which has served not just as a good origin story but a reboot to a franchise that has just found a new life.