In the Game – Don’t be sad, it’s just ‘Crysis 3’

In the Game – Don’t be sad, it’s just ‘Crysis 3’

Crysis 3, created by Crytek, developer of its sister series Far Cry, and the graphics engine, CryEngine3 tells the story of Prophet, a soldier wearing the futuristic Crynet nano-suit, who spends most of the game crying about all he’s had to sacrifice in his war against aliens.

Boo hoo.



crysis_3To be honest that’s everything you need to know in order to care about the story of Crysis 3.

Sure, there are giant squid coming to wipe out humanity, an utterly hackneyed subplot about corporate debt slavery (we are the 99%, rah rah and all that), and a few forgettable side characters, but you can mostly forget about all of it while you’re being completely flabbergasted by the game’s graphics.



The game is separated into a number of massive combat arenas connected by linear corridors. Said arenas can be anything from a semi-demolished building, to a dam   or a great plain of tall grass where aliens hunt the unsuspecting.

crysis_5Unfortunately this is where we have to start making comparisons to the game’s predecessor, Crysis 2, which took place in New York as well, albeit one where Time’s Square wasn’t a deer habitat. It had a very present sense of location; even if you only had a passing knowledge of how lower Manhattan was laid out, you had a feeling of where you were in the world.

Firefights took place in the Financial District, or in the shadow of the remains of the Statue of Liberty, in the bowels of Central Station, and the game’s final level was an assault on a flying piece of Central Park.

Sure, in Crysis 3 you’re told you’re in New York, and every once in a while you’ll see something that vaguely resembles a ruined piece of the modern world, but otherwise the game might as well be taking place in “Ruined City 458-b.”

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