A Planned Paradise Out of Time

A Planned Paradise Out of Time

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And in the 1930s, President Roosevelt looked at our country and said, “I need a way for agribusinesses to supplement their income and manage the supply and pricing of certain commodities to alleviate the effects of the great depression.”

So the U.S. made a farm subsidy.

Years passed and the great depression ended, but our government said, “Even though the majority of subsidies go to commercial farms with average incomes of $200,000 and net worths of nearly $2 million, we need a way to raise farmer incomes by remedying low crop prices; even though overproduction is often the result, and prices are lowered further.”

The government said, “We intend to help struggling family farmers, but will instead harm them by excluding them from most subsidies, financing the consolidation of family farms, and raising land values to levels that prevent young people from entering farming.”

So the U.S. made a farm subsidy.

Even more years passed, and the government said “Farm subsidies are consumer-friendly and taxpayer-friendly.” Yet, they costed Americans billions each year in higher taxes and higher food costs.

They said, “We need to propagate the myth that the family farmer is somehow superior to the family grocer, or anyone else who struggles to make a living.”

They said, “We need benefits that hurt the small farmer; we need marketing orders and tax breaks that hurt small operators by giving more money to bigger farms that can hen overproduce and undersell using advanced machinery, driving lesser farms out of business.”

The government said, “We need to allow foreign markets to become competitive by artificially raising market prices. We need to allow inefficient farms to continue to exist, and create an inefficient economic system. We need to increase the cost of other consumer products, while also increasing taxes to pay for them.”

They said “We need a system that doesn’t preserve the family farm, that’s both impractical in economic and social aspects. We need a system that despite the perceived benefits, are an inefficient and dysfunctional part of our economic system that’s bankrupting as a country.”

So the U.S. made a farm subsidy.

Joseph Frymire
JBN Director


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