E-Textbooks Lack at AMK

E-Textbooks Lack at AMK

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By: Marybeth Cleavelin

This year, the College of Business is pushing the purchase and use of e-textbooks in courses offered at Texas A&M University-Kingsville.

There are two options available for students for students to partake in the new digital craze, which are featured on the front page of the College of Business website. With the purchase of a print textbook through Cengage, a digital edition comes free. For a lower price, online only forms of the book are available through CourseSmart.

I chose the latter for my class and was happy with purchase until I got to lecture.

As my professor asked us to look over questions from the end of the chapter, I realized I had downloaded the wrong chapter onto my iPad. I frantically attempted to sign in to the CourseSmart app and retrieve the correct pages.

Due to the weak Wi-Fi signal in the business building, I spent the entire hour staring longingly at those with tangible books instead of participating in class.

If AMK is serious about adapting to the digital age, something needs to be done about the infrastructure of the Wi-Fi on campus.

The business administration building is older and rebuilding it has been discussed. Until then, our fees should be used to make Wi-Fi more accessible in the existing building.

If the College of Business wants to push an initiative to help us compete with other universities in the state, first it should be made sure our resources are capable of handling such a request.


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