Fantasy Football, NFL Marriage: Better or for Worse?

Fantasy Football, NFL Marriage: Better or for Worse?

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By: Colton Williams

Every fall more than 45 million people all around America are in multiple leagues playing fantasy football and that is changing how most fans watch the game now days, but is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Could this simple game of fantasy be hurting the reality of the NFL and the future of its fans?

Before fantasy football was even thought of the game of football and how you watched it was simple, you would turn the TV on and watch your favorite team play and you would cheer for your team to win; it was as simple as that.

Now with fantasy football around that simple concept seems to be getting lost on some football fans these days, because now days it seems to have gone from cheering for your favorite team to cheering for the players you picked on your fantasy team.

Most fantasy players will only watch games that have their players in them just to check out  the stats of their players  and how they are doing, and as soon as their players score or go off the field they will switch to another game or watch something else until their players get back on to the field.

So for these fantasy players the true experience of watching a football game is lost, because no longer are they watching a football game but really just watching players in a game. For fantasy players it’s not even  about the game of football anymore it’s not about cheering for your favorite team, it’s all about cheering for good stats of  their players on their fantasy team . You could go up to a fantasy player and most of them wouldn’t even be able to tell you the score to a game, all most of them would be able to tell you is how certain player is doing, even with injuries before fantasy football when a player go hurt it used to be “how will injury effect my team” to “how will that injury effect my fantasy team”.

So this is why I think Fantasy football changes how fans watch the game of football for the worse because to me it takes the real life aspect of football and the true greatness of the game out of the fans and takes away their true love for the game.