We’re More Than Just Javelina Fans

We’re More Than Just Javelina Fans

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It’s safe to say that Hoggie Nation is in full force, or is it?

With over 13,000 fans at our home opener against Minot State and literally hundreds who traveled to Arlington to watch Javelina football in the “House that Jerry built,” there is no doubt that our football team has definite support.

Still, at a recent volleyball game, the attendance for “Pack the House Night” was… well, less than packed. In fact, one has to wonder where the love is.

The Javelina volleyball team is playing well and with the exception of one loss, the ladies have kept themselves in every game that they have not won. Their wins have been filled with excitement, as proven during their 3 to 0 win over Cameron last Thursday and their 5 to 4 victory over LSC rival Midwestern State last Saturday.

Nobody can question that Texas is football country and our fans are the top of the LSC crop when it comes to support, but is it too much to ask to spread that love into other areas of athletics?

We’re not saying to go “Happy Gilmore” during golf tournaments, but pack the houses during volleyball, basketball, baseball and softball…especially during home games. These athletes work just as hard and deserve for each of us to do our part in giving the home court or home field advantage when opponents come over to try to steal a victory.

A lot of noise goes a long way in the way of intimidation. Let’s show the rest of the conference that our support extends far beyond Javelina Stadium.

Go Hoggies!


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