Honors College Student Council Discusses Future Constitution

Honors College Student Council Discusses Future Constitution

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By: Frank Garza

The Honors College Student Council met this Wednesday at five p.m. to discuss how they would write the constitution and bylaws to become a student organization. The most pressing issues were what membership would be defined as, how voting would work and whether or not there would be dues.

“This is not a ‘this is it’ meeting. Right now, we’re just throwing out ideas,” said Sue Nichols, Advisor to the Honors College Student Council.

After a lengthy discussion, the Council has proposed that there would be two types of membership: active and non-active. An active member is able to vote, but must attend a certain amount of meetings and social events.

“You need to be an active member if you want your voice to be heard. We’re also going to do our voting on Facebook, that way there are no schedule conflicts with people who want to participate but can’t attend,” said James Dinn, President of the Council.

It was decided that for now, there would be no dues to be a part of the Honors College. However, that’ll be touched upon later in the year, and may not be an issue again until next fall.

“We can’t force people to pay dues if they’re already a part of the Honors College,” said Quinten Womack, the President Elect.

The Council will be meeting again next Wednesday to further discuss their ideas for the Constitution and by laws.