Smart Drugs Are Dumb

Smart Drugs Are Dumb

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We hear about the use of smart drugs among college students almost every time finals roll around

It’s not a taboo anymore. A large amount of college students are known to take smart drugs like Adderall in order to keep them focused during exams or even just classes in general.

If we aren’t personally using, we know someone who is.

But what I can’t wrap my mind around is why we need these magic pills in the first place?

Are our attention spans that short that we need a pill to help us focus on something as mundane as writing a paper or reading a book?

Personally I’ve never used smart drugs, I don’t feel the need to.

I too have loads of work, the same as any college student, and I must admit that procrastinating is a regular occurrence when it comes to getting work done.

Still, some people take it to an extreme and would rather go out to the bar and pull an all-nighter, instead of staying in for a few hours and finishing their schoolwork.

But why let it go to that level?

I guess it’s the constant pressures of our environment and the idea of what a “college experience” should be.

We are college kids away from home after all; we are supposed to party, drink and never sleep, right?

But in reality we are just putting off why we are really in college – to learn, get a degree and find a job.

At the risk of sounding a bit uptight, let me clarify that I’m not against the whole college experience. I’m against wasting time and money taking the “college experience” to an extreme.

What if the pills didn’t exist?

Would students just give up because they couldn’t read a 500-page book and write a multipage paper on it?

I don’t think so.

College is supposed to be tough. If it weren’t, we would feel like we were in kindergarten again.

I don’t believe we need pills to help us focus if they weren’t personally prescribed to us.

Students don’t need pills and all-nighters to survive college; they need self-control and a pot of strong coffee.

Alejandra Garza
Associate Editor


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