The War on the War on Christmas

The War on the War on Christmas

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We, as a country, need to stop having a problem with those who have a problem with those who have a problem with Christmas.

It’s a problem.

Both sides of this argument are idiotic. The people who want to take religion out of Christmas are as dumb as those who insist that it needs to be put back in.

Christmas is the same as it’s ever been: An excuse for people to gather around and give each other stuff. That’s all Christmas is, that’s all it ever was.

Christians like to believe that the day has always been about Jesus, but it’s not true. Pagans are a little closer to the truth when they say it started with Saturnalia back in ancient times, but that’s still not where the seasonal holiday originated.

Imagine if you will, a group of early tribal humans huddled around a campfire in the dead of winter. They have to chisel themselves out of the ice as they rise from bed every morning. Food is scarce, the mood is low and tension is high.

If you were a tribal leader at that time, what would you do for your people? You might give them all something to look forward to, like maybe a day for which everyone saves up food and gorges and where they hand out presents to each other.

Well, we need something to gather around. How about a tree? God knows there are plenty of those around. Well we have the tree but it’s kind of boring-looking. Get some shiny things to decorate it with.

Maybe at one point Santa was based on Saint Nicholas but these days he’s completely secular. You’ve never seen a cartoon where Santa stops to pray or wears a cross. If Santa is a religious man, his lord and savior is probably the Cookie Monster.

So Christmas really isn’t Christian, so what? That doesn’t mean people shouldn’t be allowed to celebrate it in a Christian way.

You hear ridiculous things from everyone around this time of year. Somebody wants to get a cross taken off a building because it might offend people, while somebody else is screaming about how Santa’s elves are in fact Satan’s little gremlins sent to diverge children from the word of Christ.

Come on, get over it.

If someone wants to put up religious iconography on their house and where they work, don’t get up in arms about it. Alternatively, if someone who is an atheist wants to celebrate Christmas, there’s no need to get in his or her face about “the true meaning of the season.”

Everyone should celebrate Christmas, because let’s face it, all those other “greetings” sound stupid. “Happy Holidays?” “Season’s Greetings?”

So from the South Texan, and all it’s staff, we wish you a Merry Christmas!


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