Campus organizations help studets stay focused

Campus organizations help studets stay focused

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Students can de-stress just before finals at Texas A&M University-Kingsville’s (TAMUK) Pep Talk’s Stress Free Zone event Wednesday, Dec. 5, at the Student Recreation Center beginning at 5 p.m.

“Every semester, PEP Talk sponsors the Stress Free Zone event before the commencement of finals,” Sara Munoz, Pep Talk President said. “Stress Free Zone is an event that educates TAMUK students on how to manage and relieve their stress.”

The Stress Free Zone event educates students on stress manafement and will be distributing “stress relievers,” stress balls, bottle waters, healthy snacks and scents among other things.

“We will also have a section where students can write down what they are stressed about so other students can see they are not alone,” Munoz said.

Aside from Pep Talk’s event, the Student Health and Wellness Center has 15-minute chair massages and  30- minute relaxation moments for students.

“The chair massages are mostly booked for the three dates it’s available (Dec. 5,10 and 12) but the Health and Wellness center is offering relaxation moments beginning Dec. 5 and running through Dec. 12,” Jo Elda Castillo-Alaniz, Interim Director of the Student Health and Wellness Center, said.

The relaxation moment includes a 30-minute session on an anti-gravity reclining chair with aromatherapy, breathing techniques, and visualization imagery reading.

But students don’t have to go far to de-stress.

Munoz’s advice is to not cram for finals and take it one section at a time.

“When you study try to turn all electronics off so that studying will have your full focus so you will not have to re-read the same section multiple times,” Munoz said. “Also, if you have multiple finals on the same day, do not be afraid to talk to your professors about rescheduling to a day where you have none.”

Castillo-Alaniz’s advice to students is to eat healthy, not sugary, snacks, and to schedule breaks in between studying.

“The best thing for a student to do when scheduling time to study is to create breaks as well,” Castillo-Alaniz said. “Going for a walk, group exercise, or playing basketball just to reenergize yourself to be able to come back and focus on study is a good way to take a break.”

To schedule Stress Free Zones and Relaxing Moments call the Student Health and Wellness Center at 593-3991.


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