RSDC aims to raise violence awareness

RSDC aims to raise violence awareness

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Justin Cathey, senior sociology major and president of Rape, Suicide, Domestic Violence, Child Abuse Organization, took notice of  the violence that goes around in daily life.

“I was sitting by this girl that was wearing a blue band on her wrist and asked her what it was for,” Cathey said.

“She told me it was for domestic violence awareness,” Cathey said.

Since then, Cathey has been inspired to introduce an organization that will bring that awareness.

The organization that he intends to bring to the school is named Rape Suicide Domestic Violence Child Abuse (RSDC).

“It will educate students on the importance of the issue,” Cathey said.

Cathey said he had heard of TAMUK students in the past who have been victims of rape, domestic abuse and many others forms of violence. He said his reason to create the organization is to increase awareness on campus in hopes to decrease the instances of problems.

“Most people are scared to talk about those topics or feel uncomfortable,” Kaila Patton, freshman, pre-med, said.

The organization not only increases awareness but also lets the victims know there are people willing to help.

“People shouldn’t be scared to talk about abuse or rape,” said Breanna Hardieman, freshmen, Bio-Medical Science.

“This organization could help many people on campus.”

RSDC looks forward to hosting events that will help bring the awareness to students, not only through this organization but also through the many other organizations on campus to bring attention to the issue.

RSDC has plans to working with the community,presenting awareness to other school.

New members are always welcome to join RSDC, members said.

Students interested in joining the cause can reach the president of RSDC by email at [email protected]

“The more members the greater the effect of the awareness,”  Cathey said.