Ranch Hand Roundup Weekend in Kingsville

Ranch Hand Roundup Weekend in Kingsville

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When someone usually runs over something, it’s not a good thing. But when a steamroller ran over prints, it makes art.

Downtown Kingsville was lively last weekend as people walked around, scoping out the various vendors and events that were set up as presentations for their entertainment.

Texas A&M-Kingsville students and faculty were met with success at their booths for the Ranch Hand Weekend. Art students from Professor Jesus de la Rosa’s class put on a small show by demonstrating steam roller printing while  the Conner Museum staff promoted their exhibits by handing out brochures and making pan del campo.

“I organized [the steam roll printing] with my printmaking class – it’s part of what they have to help me with – and it’s something that we do to get them involved in the actual printing, and get them out of the print shop, to get them off campus, outside the studio, and make art in front of the community,” De la Rosa said.

The art was displayed through the Javelina Innovation Lab run by the AMK Frank H. Dotterweich College of Engineering Department in downtown Kingsville.

Many people stopped to watch the steamroll printing, and when the final product was revealed, the spectators clapped with enthusiasm.

“It’s actually pretty interesting and exciting just for the fact that it’s something different that I’ve never done before, so it’s a really good feeling, especially being out in the community and having other people appreciate what you’ve done,” said Katherine Alaniz, one of the students in De la Rosa’s printmaking class.

At the Conner Museum booth, the staff had a wagon out on display, and they were scrambling to cook more pan del campo for a long line of people eager to sample the bread.

“We [were] out [there] making pan del campo, and we had a steady line of people throughout most of the day. We [were]… promoting the Conner Museum and meeting and greeting people,” said Jonathan Plant, the Curator for the Conner Museum.

It was their first year participating in the Ranch Hand Weekend event, and the staff wasn’t sure what to expect. The turnout was very good though, Plant said.

Both booths reported a good turnout, and were eager to participate again in the Ranch Hand Weekend next year.