Internet fad ‘No Shave November’ comes to Kingsville

Internet fad ‘No Shave November’ comes to Kingsville

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It’s a trend that college males have embraced with open arms and a scruffy face as the freedom to (or attempt to) grow out your best beard has come with No Shave November.

College students across the country will ditch their razors and grow out their beard all month long to raise awareness and funds for various types of male health issues such as prostate and testicular cancer initiatives.

Some may do it for the sake of not shaving and participating in what some may think of as interesting

That is the only rule anyway, not to shave.

“I have never done it but I have seen others and it is pretty interesting how long their beard gets and the styles they make with them,” said Texas A&M-Kingsville Alumnus Dustin Schwandt.

Schwandt, who serves as the Community and Service Learning Specialist for the Office of Student Activities at TAMUK, has admitted that he has simply been “too lazy” to shave his beard but does appreciate the awareness.

“It is good to bring awareness to prostate cancer. I will have to shave it for work. I’m staff in student activities now, but hey, maybe no one will have an issue with it.” Schwandt said.

Sure, even with the effort it sounds like a silly thing to do because it looks as if a bunch of college guys decided to get together and ditch hygiene and actually have a reason to do it.

There are, however some valid reason was cultivating a beard.

Plato in the times of ancient Greece believed that there should be a period where men should not be allowed to shave their beards.

He believed that It was apart of transitioning from boy to man.

Aristotle followed the facial haired reasoning as he said within his Nicomachean philosophy that “…no man can be trusted if he is without a beard. For that reason, beard growth training is as important as proper training in ethics.”

While philosopher, social scientist, historian and revolutionist, Karl Marx (who’s social, economic and political ideas gained rapid acceptance in the socialist movement after his death in 1883)

He promoted not shaving so that capitalist factory owners would hate to have their workers wearing beards because they were a safety hazard.

If people are not yet convinced of the validity of the cause then the truth about the infamous “holiday” should clear the air a bit.

The college-born event but it is actually more of a trend modeled after Movember.

Men register at and groom, trim and wax their way the most ideal mustache or Mo’s (Australian slang for mustache) and discover the fine at of “moustachery” while becoming a billboard for making people aware of male health issues.

It started with 30 Mo’s in Melbourne Australia in 2003 and has since ballooned to a global event and last year recorded $15 million raised in the United States alone and donated 83 percent of those funds to Men’s health programs.

The rest goes to fundraising efforts and administration costs.

Globally, they raised $126.3 million thanks to the 854,288 Mo Bros and Mo Sistas (female supporters) around the world.

The effort whether you do it officially with Movember or on campus through No Shave November, you now have a chance to be bold and attempt to cultivate an awesome, yet helpful and interesting Moustache or

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