Zombies Triumph at TAMUK in HvZ Game

Zombies Triumph at TAMUK in HvZ Game

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The zombies won in the end by one human.

After the scrapes and sore legs, the CAB-funded Human vs. Zombies game celebrated finishing the week-long game Nov. 9 with a pizza party.

Students who played said they had a great time trying to catch or run away from their opponents to earn points.

“It was great, being able to catch some of the humans was fun,” said Kassandra Benitez, zombie, sophomore.

Everardo Garcia III, zombie, freshmen player who was a human at the time was injured trying to run away from a zombie.

“I fell at least three times”, he said.  “I was outside the dining hall, and I tagged a zombie, and he came after me” he said. “After he was done being stunned; I slipped, and I scraped my knee really bad,”

The players learned that certain strategies best helped them get through the game.

“Being quiet and sneaky, not saying your location, that way the humans won’t know where you are,” said Daniell Platz, zombie, freshmen.

The players teamed up and worked together to get through the day without getting caught.

“I’d usually group up with some of my friends and we would go out and do the missions together,” Platz said.

Students said the game was a way to relax, with finals coming up, and for students to get out of their dorms and have something to do.

“One hundred and sixty students signed up to play the game, which is about 20 more that we had last year,” said Ryan Watkins, game master of the Human vs. Zombie event.

The Human vs. Zombies game will be played again next semester. Many of the students who have heard about it said they are are looking forward to playing next semester.

“I thought it looked pretty fun and I’m excited to play next semester,” said Armando Urbina, sophomore.

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