Regents Visit and Javelina Pride

Regents Visit and Javelina Pride

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Hoggies, you have something to be proud of.

The Board of Regents’ meeting that occurred at Texas A&M University- Kingsville (TAMUK) may not sound like big news, but it may have more impact than you think.

The board’s job is to craft the budget for each school in the A&M system, as well as make suggestions to the Texas Legislature.

To do that, the board should know each one of their schools inside and out, and their visit to TAMUK might have done just that.

The last time the board visited TAMUK was in 2007, and since then the school has changed entirely.

The evolution ranges from the 27 percent enrollment growth since the fall of 2008, or the new buildings like Uni- versity Village and the Javelina Dining Hall.

TAMUK President Steven Tallant was able to proudly take the stage on Nov. 1 to tell the board all the renovations that have been made.

Give Tallant his credit. He took a tired looking campus in a suitcase city where no one stays on the weekend, and beautified it, giving students a reason to stay.

Aside from Tallant’s work, it’s the stu- dents and faculty that should receive pats on the back.

The serpentarium TAMUK has is one of the only ones in the world, making us one of the leading schools when it comes to snake venom.

The Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute is also an institute that is internationally renowned.

The citrus center TAMUK has in Weslaco leads in research on citrus. In fact, TAMUK helped come up with different variations of the grapefruit, and they’re currently working on making weather resistant oranges.

If that wasn’t enough, TAMUK’s stu- dents often place in competitions with universities nationwide.

Because of the student body’s hard work, TAMUK was named as one of the top 100 schools that produce undergraduate degrees to minorities.

Also, TAMUK was ranked as the 56th best university in the entire nation by Washington Monthly. The list can literally go on and on.

This is not to say that we can’t progress further. There is always room for improvement,

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whether it is in student life or academics.

But while we continue to reach those goals, it’s important to step back and see all we have already.

Good job Hoggies, you’re the ones that made this school great.


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