Green Eggs and Voter Advice

Green Eggs and Voter Advice

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We’ve written this helpful for those unsure if they should vote, specifically tailored to the intelligence level of the average American:

I am voter-man. Voter-man I am.

That voter-man.
That voter-man!
I do not like that voter-man!

Should you vote?
You should vote.
Go and vote, non-voter-man!

Should you want to vote this year? I do not want to vote this year!

Would you vote right here or there? I would not vote right here or there!

Would you vote in for those in House? Would you vote for that small

From iron this soft sunscreen great, Vine power fragrance installed conditioned but…

mouse? I would not vote for those in House.
I would not vote for that small mouse!

I would not vote for any scam! I will not vote, oh, voter-man!

Would you? Could you? In a car? Vote them! Vote them!
Here they are.
You may like it, you will see, you may

like voting for the Green party.

I’d not for the Green party, not in a car, you let me be!

You do not like it, SO you say, try it, try it, and you may.

Try voting, then you may say.

Voter-man! If you will let me be, I will try it, you will see.

I do like voting, voter-man!
I do! It’s not a voting scam!
I would go vote for those in House.
I would go vote for that small mouse. I would vote for the Green party, and

in a car, and in a tree.
It is good, so good you see!

I do like voting, voting’s grand. Thank you!
Thank you, voter-man.


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