Sharp refamiliarizes himself with TAMUK

Sharp refamiliarizes himself with TAMUK

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John Sharp is no stranger to Texas A&M University-Kingsville (TAMUK). In fact, Sharp once frequently spent his free time at TAMUK.

“I came here every weekend when I was a student at A&M, and we didn’t have a home football team,” he said.

Sharp can even be considered a good luck charm for the Hogs, since they’ve never lose when he attends the game.

“I have never been in a stadium that (the Javelinas) didn’t win,” Sharp said. “That goes back to 1969.”

Sharp would go on to enjoy success in politics, as he served for the legislature from 1979 to 1987. He would even be appointed as Comptroller of Public Accounts in 1991 by George W. Bush. After Sharp decided to move away from politics, he found himself becoming Texas A&M’s chancellor, a position he took up last fall.

When it came time for Sharp to visit TAMUK last week for the A&M regents meeting, he could notice the renovations that have been made to this campus.

“The campus was not close to this beautiful when I used to come here,” he said. “Now, it’s absolutely gorgeous.”

Though the campus has been noticeably beautified within the past few years, it is clear the music building is need of repair. The music program at TAMUK may even lose accreditation if something isn’t done soon. Sharp said that he’s made it clear he’s fighting for a new music building to be constructed at TAMUK.

“(TAMUK) needs a new music building. I saw that when I came a year ago,” he said. “Hopefully there will be a tuition bond movement in the next session of the legislature. We’ve already made that pretty clear.”


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