OctSoberfest offers an alternative to Inebriation

OctSoberfest offers an alternative to Inebriation

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It was a frightful evening under a full moon Halloween night at the Sixth Annual OctSoberfest under the Student Union Building Pavilion and Alpha Psi Omega’s ‘Dimension 33’ haunted house in the Little Theatre.

PEP Talk (The Pure Educator Program) joined forces with various student organizations to provide students an entertaining Halloween celebration and proved there are many ways to have fun and stay safe.

“This was just to have an alternative night out for students,” said Sarah Munoz, president of PEP Talk. “Instead of drinking on Halloween or getting into trouble, we have this event for college students to win door prizes that were donated from various departments and participate in different contests to have a good time.”

There were various booths that gave resourceful information about various student organizations on campus such as the Student Health and Wellness Center and the HIV Grant Program, CHAMP.

“The purpose of the CHAMP booth was to show the relationship between alcohol consumption and higher rates of STDs,” said Joe Castillo, the Lead Pure Educator of CHAMP.

Students in pairs were put under a pair of goggles that simulate the vision of being under the influence. If one stumbled upon a label with an STD, they were to answer a question based on that disease.

“A lot of them are actually having trouble wearing the goggles and are distorted, which shows them how it would be if they were intoxicated,” said Castillo. “Students also had trouble with answering questions concerning STDs, and that’s the exact reason why the grant is here, to educate the student body a little more so they can protect themselves.” Not only were students being educated, but many participated with the various contests Oktoberfest provided to keep the spirit of Halloween alive. The contests included a pumpkin carving contest, a mummy dance off, and one of the most important elements of Halloween, the search for the best costume.

Miss TAMUK of 2012, Sarah Chapa, helped judge the contest and after the pumpkin carving contest, she was quite impressed.

“It was a lot fun and it was nice to see everyone being creative with it,” said Chapa. “There was a variety in the competition. Some of them were real elaborate and some even used props, like real knifes, and others did a great job just by carving how a pumpkin normally looks.”

While students participated in some good old fashioned fun, others also yearned for a chill in their spines and headed over to the haunted house held by the TAMUK Theatre Fraternity, Alpha Psi Omega.

The concept of ‘Dimension 33’ was inspired by the mind warping theme of The Twilight Zone and combined it with the typical dark, spooky maze of a haunted house.

“You step into a portal where you are led into the lives of tortured souls, from lost lovers and vengeful spirits, and they jump out and you and scream,” said Ryan Watkins, a Psychology major who helped out at the event.

‘Dimension 33’ led students through the halls of the Speech Building along with parts of the Jones Auditorium and ended the tour with their biggest, horrific scenes of the show in the Little Theatre.

“It’s very entertaining and if you wanted a good scare, this was the place to be,” said Watkins.

There was no doubt about after a group of young girls from the open public came screaming out of the exit.

“Every turn was the most scariest part for me,” said a frightened Shelby Flores.

Thanks to such an eventful and educational evening, everyone went home safe, yet went to bed with one eye open as they let their imaginations get the best of them.


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