TAMUK hosts Humans vs. Zombies survival game

TAMUK hosts Humans vs. Zombies survival game

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Halloween has come and gone, but Human vs. Zombies (H-v-Z) has risen from the grave once more to bring fright and spectacle to Texas A&M University – Kingsville (TAMUK) in the form of a survival game.

Created by two Goucher College students in Towson, MD, in 2005, the game is largely played at college campuses throughout the nation. Players begin as humans and try to survive in a story where zombies have begun to rise from the dead. The game became popular, and spread across the country until it reached steps of TAMUK in 2010.

“H-v-Z is really like a grown up version of tag, with no cares in the world except survival of converting into a zombie” said Ryan Watkins Game Master and head of Campus Activities Board (CAB) H-v-Z committee.

“The game brings about adrenaline of excitement and teaching teamwork and time scheduling in order for either group to win.,” he said.

He explained that the game is made up of three groups defined by colors representing their position in the game, humans (yellow), zombies (green), and moderators (black). The humans have to repel zombies while trying to stay human by running into buildings, or fighting them off with grenades (socks) to stun them. Zombies and human have to complete either a mission or feed on a human to stay in the game.

Moderators are assigned to humans to inform them of missions and hidden point objects. Moderators pass on missions to humans by either text, Facebook, e-mail or directly from moderators at the student union building.

“The game really teaches students to maneuver and plan ahead do to time between the games and classes” said assistant game master Melissa Yanez. “It awakens survival tactics that gets peoples’ blood flowing.”

At the end of the week the committee will have a pizza party, and announce the winner of the game by calculating which group survived longest. Ranks and sashes will be given out to the top five players of each group.

The CAB funded event begins on Monday Nov. 5, and will go on for five days and nights.