A Vote for Mitt Romney

A Vote for Mitt Romney

As our country continues to dig itself out of a financial hole, college graduates are still struggling to find work in their fields of choice. Although the unemployment rate is currently at 7.8% for the nation, a closer look at the numbers reveal that part-time laborers jumped by 582,000 in September. As people look for full-time work, are having to settle for whatever hours they can get, which right now is less than 40 a week.

Weak economic conditions and failed promises of the current administration are huge contributors to the change in workforce. We’re no better than we were four years ago.

President Obama promised the world to those who voted for him in 2008, but he has followed through on very little.

According to Politifact, a service of the Tampa Bay Times, Obama vowed to sign the Employee Free Choice Act, increasing penalties on companies that violate employee rights. We’re still waiting on that to happen.

Obama also told supporters he would create a $60 billion bank to fund roads and bridges, which would “create up to two million new direct and indirect jobs.” Since economists and the White House sighed with relief over September’s mere 114,000 jobs added to the nation’s non farm payrolls, I can go ahead and assume those two million new jobs are no where in sight.

Obama spends his time on the campaign trail asking for “four more years,” but haven’t we given him enough time? If an employee did no work, but at review time asked for a raise, it would be just as ludicrous.

Mitt Romney plans to bring 12 million jobs to the U.S. through an energy independence policy, tax reform plan to lower rates for middle class and small businesses, and improving job training.

Unlike Obama, Romney held a non-government job before entering the political sphere. He knows the workings of business and how to create jobs.

For those of us hoping to be gainfully employed after obtaining our degree, Mitt Romney is the obvious choice this November.

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