We Endorse Obama for President

We Endorse Obama for President

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It is common, and often expected, of a publication to endorse political candidates during election years; particularly presidential candidates.

As a college publication, it is common, and often expected that they endorse liberal candidates, and the South Texan is no exception. However, it behooves us to explain such an decision, and our reasons for coming to such a conclusion.

We view the inequity of Governor Romney’s position on women’s issues and equal rights for homosexuals, and do not believe he represents our generation’s mindset. We see him as being small minded, and un-accepting of civil realities faced by everyday Americans.

Young voters are often preoccupied with social issues, and are either ignorant or uneducated on matters of economic policy. Adolescent minds are easily cognizant of injustice, but seldom grasp the complexities of a grey and ever fluctuating market.

We find the Governor’s near constant vacillation on issues both financial and social to be exhaustingly in-genuine. What’s more, his stated plans for the future of our nation and its people have been frustratingly vague.

What little we do know about his economic policy sounds very familiar to the republican mindset of the past. Romney’s much touted “Five Point Plan” is nearly identical to both former President Bush’s and Senator John McCain’s plan of the same name.

Republican economic policy always comes down to cutting taxes, reducing spending, domestic oil drilling, and free trade. These are the same policies that landed us in the the current recession, why would we be eager to try them again?

Make no mistake, President Obama is not a flawless alternative. Under his administration, we’ve witnessed a vast increase in the national debt and deficit. Unlike the president’s opponents we understand that this was unavoidable due to the failed economic policies of former President Bush, yet we do not fail to cast aspersions upon the current administration.

The president’s use combat drones is somewhat troubling, and his willingness to continue the overfunded drug war is frustrating as well. Yet we certainly cannot fault him for his political consistency, unlike Governor Romney.

We agree with President Obama’s vision of healthcare, and applaud his plan’s coverage of pre-existing conditions. As students, we appreciate his contributions in the area of financial aid and allowing young Americans to stay on their parents healthcare for a longer period of time. We believe that the president has a much more modern sense of our generational station than his opponent.

The president’s standing on women’s issues is another example of his affirmation of prevalent political clarity. Unlike republicans, President Obama doesn’t view women taking contraception pills for various medical issues as nothing more than free-wheeling sluts.

Furthermore, with his signing of the “Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009” allowing women to fight equal pay discrimination more effectively, the president illustrated his inclination toward equal women’s rights in the workplace.

Finally, President Obama’s overall economic policy appears imminently more feasible and less obfuscated than Governor Romney’s. The president

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laid out clear goals and plans for his coming term, and explained clearly how they would be executed.

It is for these reasons that we, as the student publication, The South Texan of Texas A&M University – Kingsville (TAMUK), endorse President Barack Obama for President of the United States.


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