Texas A&M Board of Regents to Visit TAMUK

Texas A&M Board of Regents to Visit TAMUK

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The Board of Regents for the Texas A&M System will be vis- iting Texas A&M-Kingsville for the first time in five years on Wednesday Nov. 1.

As a university within the A&M System, TAMUK falls under the A&M System’s regulatory umbrella. The Regents will have their official meet- ing in the Memorial Student Building ballrooms, May 1.

A&M-Kingsville President Dr. Steven H. Tallant feels honored the Regents are visiting the campus.

“It allows them to see our campus’ unique aspects,” he said. “Coming to Kingsville is more than just the campus, it’s also the ranch.”

“It’s our opportunity to show them the physical and acaemic changes we’ve made,” Tallant said. “It’s our opportunity to shine.”

The A&M System Regents “oversee the direction of the system’s 11 universities, seven state agencies and health science center; ensure a quality undergraduate and graduate education experience for all students; promote academic research and technology to benefit the state of Texas and the nation; disseminate programs of the A&M System across the state through out- reach and public service ef- forts; and support the state

legislative and higher education leadership to position Texas at the forefront of high- er education nationally.”

Tallant said the Rgents, as a whole, have not been to the Kingsville since before he took office in 2008. He feels they will notice the changes the university has gone through within the last four years.

“We’re a different campus now,” Tallant said “We’ve grown, are doing better academically, have more dorms, a bustling student body full of activities and a refurbished stadium. I hope they’re impressed.”

The Regents will actually arrive Wednesday and may visit for two days, he said.

Jonathan Adams
Former Editor-in-Chief