JENFLIX – ‘Fun Size’ Was Not So Fun

JENFLIX – ‘Fun Size’ Was Not So Fun

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Childhood nostalgia couldn’t fit in Fun Size’s trick-or-treat bag.

The film aimed for Adventures in Babysitting craziness but just came off as unoriginal and green about the gills.

Wren (Victoria Justice) is a high school senior whose only intention beside graduating and moving far away, is to enjoy a night of social acceptance at the biggest party of the year.

But when Wren’s mother, Joy (Chelsea Handler) puts her in charge of babysitting her eight year-old brother, Albert (Jackson Nicoll), she and her best friend, April (Jane Levy) are stuck trick-or-treating.

Albert, dressed up as Spider-Man, decides to have his own miniature-sized adventure and wanders out of Wren and April’s sight.

With help from fellow students, Roosevelt (Thomas Mann) and Peng (Ostric Chau), the four teenagers embark on an adventure to find Albert before the night is over.

The film is loaded with sexual innuendos, which isn’t necessarily inappropriate for a PG-13 movie. However, some jokes in the film should have been left out.

A little costumed boy taken hostage and locked up by a creepy stranger is played for laughs but a kidnapped child doesn’t seem like a joking matter.

Nickelodeon tried to use the same fat gags that Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging had but instead Fun Size was loaded with crass defecation jokes.