Honoring Heroes of 9/11 by Helping Others

Honoring Heroes of 9/11 by Helping Others

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By: Dustin Schwandt

An act of terror born out of hatred intended to cause fear, pain, and grief in fact helped to unite the United States of America! Our passion to do for others was ignited that day. We saw true altruism in its highest form and learned what it meant to really sacrifice for others.

In remembrance of those great citizens who rushed to the aid of others including individual citizens, military, police officers, firemen and women, as well as other emergency workers let us all do them honor by following their example and doing for others.

This country consistently gives significantly more time and money to help others than anywhere else in the world.

We as a people always find a way to unite and come together and overcome. With the fire burning in Bastrop County we have an opportunity to do so again. Significant damage has been caused and at the time of this writing the fire has destroyed 1,554 homes and 17 people are unaccounted for.

Whether you can give as an individual student, as part of a student organization, or a member of a church I ask you to contribute to our effort to help those affected by the fire. I am aware of TAMUK students who are interested in organizing as well as a student from Riviera High School.

I ask for us to unite as a student body and come to the aid of those in need while establishing relationships with a local school as a part of SGA’s Jav-A-Community initiative. Let us never forget those we lost and the lessons they taught us. If you would like to contribute please contact me at [email protected] or visit the SGA office located above the post office in Room 201 of the MSUB.


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