Value of AMK Degree Increases

Value of AMK Degree Increases

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By: Marybeth Cleavelin

When I first transferred to Texas A&M University Kingsville, I was wary of the opportunities I would be presented with and whether the classes would challenge me.

Coming from a university that enrolled over 40,000 students, I was in the mindset that nothing could compare to the environment of a large university.

Boy was I wrong.

Last week as Dean Guerrero showed me around Mesquite Village West, I found myself wishing I had spent my freshman year here at AMK.

I only hope the students in the Honors College know what a vital tool it is to have their administration practically living with them. The excitement is palpable when Guerrero talks of the plans they have for seminars and study tools in the dorm.

AMK may not boast class sizes of 300, but that is our strong suit. Smaller numbers mean accessibility to faculty and staff. Guerrero addressed each student we passed in the hall as if she personally knew his or her class load, and she probably did.

Forbes recently ranked Texas A&M University Kingsville in the top 20 percent of all colleges in the nation, validating the opinion that we are headed in the right direction.

The expansion of the honors program into a college was the first of many steps making our school well known among prospective students and employers.

If the administration at AMK continues on this trek to making our academics more challenging and exciting, we will increasingly retain students and make graduates more attractive candidates for jobs.


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