Intramural Atheltics Open to Students

Intramural Atheltics Open to Students

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By: Staff Reports

The joy of playing a team or individual sport at the college level is something NOT restricted to athletes. Regular students can get in on the action as well.

With the new school year starts a new season of Intramural athletics!

All sports are open to all students, no matter what skill level.

Intramural athletics is the a great way to get the experience of playing a team sport, with all the fun of the true college experience, and none of the pressure of NCAA rules and regulations.

Intramural athletics offers a wide variety of sports throughout the school year, from dodgeball to tennis, almost any sport you can think of is available for play.

If you’ve got friends who want to start a team, or you want to participate in a solo sport, it’s easier to sign up for than filling out your FAFSA.

Just go to the student Rec center, and talk to Phillip Comperry about the various sports that you can sign up for at any given moment.

Or you can sign up to the IM leagues website, linked to on the Campus Recreation and Fitness center website, and fill out the enrollment form online.

Also, the website offers an easy way to track your leagues standings and keep up to date on game schedules, and tournaments.

So don’t waste your time, get your gear, get your friends, and get your game on!