TAMUK Homecoming Court 2012 Finalists

TAMUK Homecoming Court 2012 Finalists

Finalists for Homecoming Qeen

Daylight beamed across University Boulevard, and as the sun gradually began to set the block filled with students, townies, children and costumed people all looking for entertainment.

But the main attraction of the event was the unveiling of the finalists for the 2012 Homecoming King and Queen.

“Winning would definitely mean a great deal to me,” said Ike Amaliri, mechanical engineer and finalist. “I’m a person who believes in once you start something, you have to finish it. So now, starting this journey, I hope to finish it.”

Hundreds of attendees circled the stage located in front of the javelina statues as they waited patiently for the finalists to be revealed.

“Homecoming means more than winning a competition,” said Susie Suarez, criminology major and finalist. “Just the simple fact that I get to be a part of a special tradition and have the honor to represent a great organization is just as good as winning.”

The finalists for King are: Ike Amaliri, Eddy Cavazos, Denver Diefenbach, Luis Villarreal and Quinten Womack.

The finalists for Queen are: Marissa Acosta, Caroline Adam, Kassandra Canales, Bianca Nieves and Susie Suarez.

Jonathan Adams
Former Editor-in-Chief