For Want of a Nail

For Want of a Nail

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For one reason or another, I have always thought of college students as being only liberal Democrats. If this makes me sound a bit naïve, so be it, but boy has Texas A&M University-Kingsville (TAMUK) proved me wrong.

Growing up, I have never particularly seen the world in black and white. I’ve always seen the gray areas that are all around, despite growing up in a Catholic household with a Hispanic background.

But, my mother always let my brother and I explore different ideas and make up our minds for ourselves.

So as I grew up, I decided that I did believe in marriage equality, I didn’t particularly agree with the death penalty or some abortion rights, but I also realized that I shared some of the same views as conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats.

I consider myself a Democrat, and identify more with the views of that party, and being a part of the “now” generation. I guess I just expected more young people to share similar views like me.

Maybe my small town ways are showing.

But I have to keep in mind that I live in Texas, a red state. But then again I live in South Texas, and I like to believe that this part of Texas is blue. Even President Obama and the Democratic Party must think so; the mayor of San Antonio, Julian Castro spoke at the Democratic National Convention.

Maybe Texas doesn’t bleed red through and through.

I’ve learned by living in a bigger city and attending a university is that there are a lot of different people with many different views. Not everyone shares the same opinion or view as me, and unlike back home, here the views may differ dramatically but I still have to treat them with respect.

It still irks me a bit that TAMUK only lists a Republican club as a student organization, and not a Democratic club, too. Nothing against The College Republicans, but I just see the two parties like salt and pepper, peanut butter and jelly, two peas in a very crowded pod.

Whether you view the world in red and blue, black and white, or the gray in-between, I hope there’s a place for you on campus.


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