JENFLIX – ‘Sinister’ Scares Two Thumbs Up

JENFLIX – ‘Sinister’ Scares Two Thumbs Up

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Sinister takes place in a small town in Pennsylvania. Novelist Ellison Oswalt (Ethan Hawke) and his family move into a house where an unsolved family murder took place, unbeknownst to the rest of his family.

While unpacking, Oswalt finds a mysterious box in the attic filled with a collection of home movies that show how four families were gruesomely killed, each happening over the span of forty years in different parts of the country.

As time passes, Oswalt and his family are plagued by strange (although not always supernatural) events.

Lights go off, loud noises are heard throughout the house in the middle of the night, scorpions and snakes are found and at times Oswalt is awaken to the Super 8 projector being turned on with the footage of the murder that took place in the backyard.

With help from the local sheriff and a university professor, Oswalt finds a link to all of the families’ murders. Oswalt also learns that the person who committed the murders is a worshipper of Bughuul, an evil pagan deity that feasts on the minds and energy of children and who early Christians believed lived within images that served as a gateway to our realm.

Sinister is a frightening horror film that encompasses the classic thrill ride between good and evil. The Super 8 films that Oswalt discovers are the premise of the film’s horror. The silent home movies echo the film’s overall eerie nature                                                                             making Sinister live up to its name.