Gamerz Elite – Never Play With Yourself Again

Gamerz Elite – Never Play With Yourself Again

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All around the room, the members of Gamerz Elite plied their craft in different ways. Some gathered around television screens, and competed in fighting games, others sat at laptops, playing MOBA’s and MMO’s. Some sat across tables from one another, playing card games like Magic the Gathering, some rolled the dice of various tabletop role playing games.

And in one corner of the room, club member Stephen Clark pantomimed how he’d curb stomped a coyote during a hunting trip. Well, it was a game to him.

Gamerz Elite is less of a club, and more of a holistic gathering of the likeminded. There aren’t any barriers to entry, or aptitude tests of experiential wisdom; do you enjoy playing games in their myriad forms? Well then, welcome to the club.

“I usually bring my Xbox to club meetings,” said Baron von Kiespert, Biochemical Engineering major, “I’ve got loaded on there a bunch of indie and fighting games, and we play those.”

As many as were crowded around controllers, many others simply sat around discussing what kind of games they enjoyed and particular aspects of certain games they found entertaining.

“I used to be really into playing Pokemon cards,” said Robert Alvarado, English major. “It was the collection and competition part of it that made it fun.”

Some just came to enjoy their friend’s company, and take a break from the monotony and drudgery of their academic lives.

“Oh I definitely like games,” said Caleb Bonitz, English major. “But I mostly just walk around bothering people during club meetings.”

“You walk around ‘fathering’ people?” asked Alvarado with a grin.

“Oh yeah,” said Bonitz, “Come here Robert, I’m gonna have to bend you over my knee and ‘father’ you, boy.”

But conversations inevitably turned to the overarching obsession of many gamers: Impending releases, and estimations of their quality. Almost everyone said they were looking forward to one game in particular.

“Everyone’s waiting for Halo 4, and it comes out in November,” said Cory Scarborough, Gamerz Elite president. “It’s been so long since the third game, Halo: Reach was fine, but we have to play Master Chief again.”

Above all, members of Gamerz Elite pride themselves on their eclecticism and acceptance.

“It’s a club where anybody can come in and have fun,” said Samantha Garcia, “All you have to do is love games.”

“You know, you couldn’t make another Revenge of the Nerds movie these days,” mused Alvarado. “Video games, comic book super heroes, computers; they’re all ‘cool’ now. The ‘nerds’ won.”

Joseph Frymire
JBN Director


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