Adventurous Potential

Adventurous Potential

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I consider myself a pretty adventurous person, an adrenaline junkie of sorts. I’m the first one in line at roller coasters, I enjoy cliff jumping into lakes, I would definitely volunteer myself as tribute and I absolutely love the way my heart feels like it’s about to burst when I’m out running.

Albeit a little on the masochistic side, I enjoy most of these activities either because of the temporary high that I receive from doing them, or because I know that you must push through the pain to make yourself a better person. Which inadvertently also applies to my love life.

While I don’t mind being single and independent, I know that I can’t speak for other college age people. College is the time to experiment and have fun, the somewhat calm before the storm of the workforce or grad school. The game of love also intensifies underneath all the excitement of meeting new people and the liberty of making good (or bad) choices.

I understand how nice it feels to get carried away with feelings and fantasies. But what happens when that other person doesn’t share the same vision as you, or the vision changes?

For those who fall hard, it feels like their heart is about to burst. Some people, like me, remain optimistic and go on with their lives. Others turn into lifeless souls, barely getting through their day of classes, or drink their nights away. Some turn to friends-with-benefits to temporary pacify the sting of loneliness.

Most of us have fallen into one of those categories at one point.

The most important thing is to remember what you are here for—to get an education, to earn a degree. Not to find a boyfriend or girlfriend, or wife or husband. If you are lucky enough to find one, that’s great, but to let a temporary bump on the road of life prevent you from attending classes or flunking out is not acceptable; or should not be.

If a person is truly great for you, they would make you into a better person, not drown you in a despair of emotions. This is a time to harness your energy into your future career, not waste it being upset over another person who has chosen (or you chose) to not be included in your future.

Heartbreak is an inevitable part of life we all go through, but the pain is temporary, I promise. This is coming from a girl who isn’t scared to get her heart broken, my greatest downfall.  C’est la vie.

So, he or she had potential to be a long-term significant other. You also have the potential to be great. But how good is potential if it isn’t acted upon? Potential is only a step away from pathetic.

As a good friend of mine once told me, focus on the star player in the mirror.

Amber Aldaco
Entertainment Editor


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