A New Meaning to School Spirit

A New Meaning to School Spirit

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By: Jennifer Crist

Ryan Cook, Mario Siller, David Aguilar, Lucas Allen, Cash Barker proudly display their hoggie spirit.

Texas A&M University-Kingsville’s baseball team has brought a new meaning to school spirit with blue and gold chests and spirit at volleyball games this season.

Cash “Money-Man” Barker, Ryan “Cookie” Cook, Lucas “Bieber” Allen, Dusty “Chachi” Aguilar, and Mario “Little Man” Siller are the main members of the AMK spirit squad. They paint one another before each home game, and they arrive 30 minutes early to start motivating the crowd.

The group has always consisted of baseball players, with the exception of a member of the university’s track team. Six or seven of them usually attend the games, spelling out “Go Javelinas!” or “Go Hogs!”

“We always have to have an exclamation point, and the exclamation point always paints himself,” said senior Cash Barker.

“We like to show off our bods,” said senior Ryan Cook

The volleyball team returned the favor by attending the baseball games with painted shirts this past baseball season.

“It’s pretty fun to go out and support the other teams,” said Barker. “There’s no entertainment, so we have to compensate.”

The baseball hopes to have a good season this year. Attending volleyball games is a way to have fun and receives some publicity for the baseball team.

Unfortunately, the group has gotten in trouble in past volleyball games for getting too rowdy, but that won’t stop them from supporting the volleyball team.