AMK Band to Perform at New Cowboys Stadium

AMK Band to Perform at New Cowboys Stadium

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By: Fares Sabawi

The Javelina Marching Band is set for a big Performance in Dallas Cowboys

“The Pride of South Texas” is set to perform for the first time in history at the new Cowboys Stadium on September 17th during the rivalry match between Texas A&M University-Kingsville Javelinas and the West Texas A&M Buffs.

The football game against these two rivals is not only exciting for the players and the fans, but the band as well.

“I’m really excited. This is such an awesome opportunity for us,” said Dr. Brian Shelton, the AMK band director. “We usually don’t go to Dallas, and to get to play in such an awesome venue is amazing.”

Shelton is not sure of how big the turn out will be, but after practicing six hours a week, he is prepared either way. “I don’t know exactly what to expect. We’ll have a chance to rehearse on the field that Saturday morning though, and hopefully that will be a good indication to how it will be.”

“Not only do we get to play in such a big venue, but we get to play in the stadium of my favorite football team,” said Victor Fernandez, a saxophone player for the marching band.\The Javelina marching band will not be the only team to perform that night. The West Texas A&M Buffs marching band will also be playing as well.

With both football teams sharing a rivalry, it’s safe to say that the band is the same way. “It’s always exciting to play with another band. I think this will put the students at their best and they will realize the importance of this performance,” Shelton said.

As a student, Fernandez doesn’t feel that there is a competition between the two marching bands.

The Javelina Marching Band is set for a big performance in Dallas Cowboys

“There have been rumors of West Texas having a good marching band, but our spirits aren’t low. We’re just going to have fun. Like Dr. Shelton says, we’re the pride of South Texas,” Fernandez said.

The AMK marching band will be performing their show, “Fiesta Latina”, which will include traditional Latin tunes with a jazz twist to it.