JENFLIX – ‘Battleship’ sinks to new lows

JENFLIX – ‘Battleship’ sinks to new lows

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Hasbro receives a face-lift in the 2012 action-packed thriller, Battleship.

After NASA discovers an Earth-like extrasolar planet called, Planet-G, and transmits a powerful signal from communications array in Hawaii, a fleet of extraterrestrial spacecrafts invades Earth and seeks to annihilate every living thing. The only thing that stands in their way is the handful of naval personnel and ships that are coincidentally trapped in a force field around Hawaii and the original satellite transmitter used to communicate with the alien life forms.

Lieutenant Alex Hopper (Taylor Kitsch) is a smart yet undisciplined U.S. Navy Weapons Officer assigned to the Arleigh Burke class destroyer, USS John Paul Jones.

He plays the classic protagonist role – he is likeable, funny and attractive. Besides his apathy toward asking Admiral Terrance Shane, Commander of the United States Pacific Fleet (Liam Neeson) for his daughter, Sam’s (Brooklyn Decker) hand in marriage, Alex Hopper shows an obvious dislike for Captain Yugi Nagata (Tadanobu Asano).

However, after his older and wiser brother, Commander Stone Hopper (Alexander Skarsgard) is killed during an attack against the extraterrestrial life forms, Hopper must rise up to the challenge and lead the USS John Paul Jones on a mission to save Earth from annihilation.

The classic red and white pegs in the 1967 board game are reinvented during the film when Captain Nagata suggests using tsunami warning buoys around Hawaii to track and fire missiles at the aliens.

The film exhibits elements of comedy with a touch of nostalgia. Enemies become allies, the broken soldier finds his spirit, and teamwork saves the day.

Though the film drags on and its B-rated action scenes have been compared to Michael Bay’s Transformers and James Cameron’s Avatar, Battleship illustrates a healthy dose of humility that viewers will be glad to see.