Parking Permits and Perimeter Enforcement

Parking Permits and Perimeter Enforcement

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Campus Parking Zone Map
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A new school year at Texas A&M University-Kingsville (TAMUK) means new books, new student fees, and now higher parking permit prices. The University Police Department (UPD) will be cracking down on parking violations during the 2012-2013 school year.

The permit cost for commuters, faculty, and motorcycles has been increased to $100. Reserved parking, available to administrators, has been increased to $230. Perimeter parking, which includes the outside areas of campus, costs $30.

“The start of the semester is the biggest problem,” said Katelynn Curry, parking enforcement officer for the UPD. “People just park where they want to park.”

In just the first week of classes, the UPD issued over 250 parking tickets, all because of wrong zone parking.

“Currently we’re just issuing wrong zone,” said Sonia Cavazos, parking enforcement officer for the UPD. “We haven’t even hit anything for FTR (failure to register) yet.”

To register for a parking permit, students or faculty members must log onto JNET. From there, the “Parking Spot” link will be located under the “Campus Resources” tab. Car and insurance information must be provided to reserve a permit, which must be picked up at the TAMUK Business Office.

Students may view a detailed map of campus parking on JNET.

“There will not be signs put all over campus just for people to know where to park,” said UPD Lieutenant Hiram Perez. “There are signs in parking lots but there won’t be any on the streets.”

The UPD now has control over parking perimeters, and some new changes may go into effect at a later date.

“We submitted them but we’re waiting to find out if they will be approved,” explained Perez.

Any changes made to designated parking lots will be updated on the campus parking map found on JNET by September 4.

“We’re hitting hard to break the bad habit of not parking in the correct spot so starting after the holiday, we’ll enforce it for everybody,” said Perez.

Parking citations can be anywhere from $25 to $300, depending on the situation. Additionally, the UPD will be booting vehicles that are parked in a wrong zone, and have also received 3 or more tickets.

“Basically we just want people parking where they should,” said Perez. “That’s our main deal.”