Growing up Hoggie Style

Growing up Hoggie Style

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Well, Hog Nation it looks like this is it.

I’ve come into your presence as a naïve music major who didn’t know anything about himself and I leave a Javelina who has a career doing what he loves.

I made most of my best memories here on the campus of A&M Kingsville and have, hopefully, left my mark on it, because so much of who I am now is because of it.

A bond of one of the greatest brotherhoods took me in and showed me that there are better days ahead.

I credit Lambda Chi Alpha for giving me a newfound sense of confidence and teaching me how to be a leader, and for that I will be grateful to the Beta Epsilon chapter. “Naught without labor” will echo in my heart forever.

Now, for the people who trusted me enough to put their necks out and put up with my immature self early on, you guys are just too kind.

So, Dr. Manuel Flores and Mr. Don Fisher, I was wrong to whine and complain early on because you were right. I CAN in fact do that, and we ARE going to make it.

You gave me the opportunity to cover sports as a reporter, a columnist and the voice of the Javelina broadcast network covering football and the rest of Javelina athletics.

I would have never been able to do it without being told by Flores to be great in front of my peers or without Fisher showing me the value of being read regardless of what anyone may think.

Oh, and FYI columns and actual reports are different. (Yes, even the New York Times chooses to acknowledge the difference.)

One is driven by my opinion and analysis of said sporting event and the others on facts.

I only mention this for reference because there was nothing I enjoyed more than people reading me and then yelling obscenities to me as I tried to get my interviews on the field after the game.

I have thick skin because of you, and I am nothing but thankful.

I hope I spelled your names right; I personally love feedback and awkward press conferences.

Of course 80 percent of learning was probably being scared of Coach Bo Atterberry, even after he won games.

His sly remarks made me wise, and now I have a strategy for intimidating coaches.

So whether it was spending time with the greatest fraternity in the world, watching hands down the greatest college football game ever played or trying to find parking, I cannot argue that these have been probably the greatest years in my life.

I will never forget the ones I met along the way.

Thanks for everything, Hog Nation.

-Mark Molina (ΛΧΑ B.E. 521)

South Texan Managing Editor

Mark Molina
Staff Writer


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