AMK advertising team ranks 7th in district competition

AMK advertising team ranks 7th in district competition

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The results are in, and A&M-Kingsville placed 7th in district. After all their work and dedication, AMK’s American Advertising Federation (AAF) team has finally come to a stop in their journey.

Since the beginning of the semester, the Advanced Advertising comm 4306 class has been preparing for the National Student Advertising Competition. This year, the competition was held in Shreveport, LA.

Competitions started Wednesday, April 11 and continued to Thursday April 12.

Being in District 10, AMK competes against different universities, including University of Houston, Texas Christian University, Texas A&M University-College Station, and other universities from Louisiana and Oklahoma.

This year’s company given was Nissan. It was up to the class to come up with a marketing campaign to help Nissan’s sales increase.

As tradition to the class every year, the advertising class plays the role of an advertising agency.

Borderlines, this year’s advertising team, came up with the ‘I Drive’ campaign. 

“We felt it would be important to go in the route of giving back,” said Lindsay Pierce, Head Presenter of the team.

The idea of the ‘I Drive’ campaign was when purchasing a vehicle a portion of the cost would be donated to the buyer’s choice of charity.

“Being a foreign-made brand, Nissan is high in price,” said Pierce. “We felt if a customer knew they were going to be making a difference in purchasing a vehicle, whether it were to give to education, Habitat for Humanity or for going green, the customer would feel confident in making their purchase,” said Pierce.

One thing the team learned was deadlines were crucially important to be met.

“If there is one thing we learned from this experience, it was deadlines were not something we could mess around with,” said Jennifer Dominguez, team member. “We were aware of the consequences of a missed deadline, and we did not want to take that risk,” said Dominguez.

This concept was especially crucial with putting together the plan book.

“Like all good things, this sweet baby was conceived in a matter of minutes,” said Heidi Kamp, Plan Book Designer. “While our plans were lofty and ever-evolving to top our previous idea, we spent a whole lot of time talking instead of doing, ultimately setting the scene for some quality team bonding all nighters,” said Kamp.

Despite many struggles, the team pulled together, and was ready for competition day.

Once the team finished competing, they had the opportunity to watch other schools compete as well.

The winning teams were Texas A&M University-College Station and Texas Christian University.

“After seeing the winning presentations, we saw some similarities to our presentation, as well as what we lacked in our presentation,” said Clarissa Charles, Presenter. “Taking what we saw from the winning teams, we have an idea of what we can work on for next year,” said Charles.

In the end, another year of Advanced Advertising ended with the team surviving overall.