KTAI receives two nominations for radio show

KTAI receives two nominations for radio show

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RadioFlag is pleased to announce the inaugural Radio Star Awards, encouraging listeners and college radio broadcasters to unite, engage and together promote and protect this media asset throughout the entire year.

Texas A&M University-Kingsville’s KTAI announced its nominations in the categories of ‘Best Music Show’ for Kingsville Country Roughneck Rich and ‘Best Variety Show’ for The Self Proclaimed Best Rock Show Jaseybot.

Gabriel Ochoa, (Roughneck Rich), first introduced “Kingsville Country” in September of 2011.

“When I first started the show, the idea of it was to put on a variety of different country music,” said Ochoa, junior communications major.

“I honestly did not expect success out of the show,” said Ochoa. 

“Being on radio was new to me, I felt lost in the beginning, but with the passion I have for country music, I knew I would be able to give it all I’ve got and put my energy into it,” said Ochoa.

The energy Ochoa had for music came early on in his life.

“My buddies and I have had a band for about 3 years,” said Ochoa. “We started out with the name Roughnecks to Riches, but changed that to Last Chance,” said Ochoa.

Some of Ochoa’s success comes from changes he brought to the radio station from his show, he said.

He has hosted guest artists such as Wade Bowen and Bart Crow Band, to name a few.

“I am very grateful in receiving this nomination because it truly does show the success the show has,” said Ochoa.

In the ‘Best Variety Show’ category, the nomination went to The Self Proclaimed Best Rock Show hosted by freshman communications major Jasey Limon (Jaseybot).

“When I first started my show, I questioned myself on what I was doing,” said Limon.

Like Ochoa, Limon was new to radio.

“I made the decision to focus on rock music,” said Limon. “Once I started, I immediately knew I wanted to have different varieties of Rock, like Punk, Electro Cord and Death Metal,” said Limon.

Limon had also been in a band in the past.

“Our band was ‘Eight Short of a Dozen’, but we only lasted a year and a half,” said Limon.

Limon has hosted guest artists such as ‘This Year’s Fashion’, ‘Prince of Peace’ and ‘The Side of Impact.

“With my show’s nomination, I now see my show’s future more successful,” said Limon.

Over the coming weeks, RadioFlag will be evaluating nominees across the country. The winner of each category will receive a $1,000 donation for their station, amd a RadioFlag banner with the names of any winners.

Winners will be announced on May 15, 2012.