Freshmen Fajita Fiesta celebrates first year Javelinas

Freshmen Fajita Fiesta celebrates first year Javelinas

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Students were talking, laughing, and messing around. They were jamming out, playing volleyball, tug of war, and throwing water balloons around. Off to the side, people were grilling fajitas, and lots of them. It was almost like a family reunion, except at college.

The Freshmen Fajita Fiesta was a celebration for first year Javelinas.  Freshmen were invited over to the tailgating area for music, fajitas, and a bunch of

Greta Schuster grills fajitas for some hungry freshmen

activities last Thursday at 3:15 p.m.

“I love the activities; it gives us something to do, something to have fun about,” said Cedric Guerra, Freshman.

The activities included tug of war, a water balloon toss, a dunk booth, a photo booth, volleyball, a pie-eating contest, and a fajita cook-off. Prizes were given out to winners of the competitive events.

“It helps us to get to know people better. It’s funny because I speak to juniors and seniors, mostly. I don’t know many freshmen,” said Francisco Rosas, Freshman.

Students felt that overall, their first year at Texas A&M-Kingsville (AMK) was very nice.

“My freshman year has been quite the roller-coaster with ups and downs. I met some amazing people, new teachers, and lifetime friends. These are memories I’ll keep with me forever. If I could, I’d do it again,” said Daniel Garza, Freshman Senator of SGA.

The participants in the Fajita Cook-Off supplied the food to the students.  They just wanted to do their best to help, said Juan Garza, AMK’s Manager for Environmental Health and Safety.

“Helping [the students] is our priority. This is the most important step. This is when they have to be responsible. This is their starting point for life,” Garza said.