Students elect new SGA President

Students elect new SGA President

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Sarah Evans is the first female president in 20 years

It’s been 20 years since Texas A&M-Kingsville (AMK) has had a female president in the Student Government Association (SGA). Determined, proud of her university, and vocal, Sarah Evans is considered a great asset among her SGA peers.

Evans, originally from Virginia, transferred to AMK during her second semester of freshman year. Though she had no experience in student government prior to her participation in SGA, she was very eager to join and become a more active student.

“When I came here, I didn’t know anyone, I was brand new, and I was looking for something to join. And I had met someone who was in SGA, so I thought, okay, I’ll just join this. I didn’t really know that much about it when I joined. But from there, I learned more about it and became more active,” Evans said.

Evans started out as a senator for the College of Education, and she climbed the ladder slowly. Before becoming president, she held the position of Senator Pro-Tempore.

“I’m really excited. I had been thinking about it leading up to the elections. I was kind of hesitant, but I am really excited about it,” Evans said.

This year, SGA worked a lot on growing a relationship with the community. Another thing that the previous president, Dustin Schwandt, started was the Student Discount Program, which Evans hopes will launch this fall, she said.

“I want to focus a little more on academics. The way I see it is we’re paying to be here, and we spend a lot of money on tuition, so I want to make sure we’re getting all that we pay for in our classes. We need to make sure our feedback is being heard,” Evans said.

SGA thinks very highly of their new president. They have faith that she will be able to do a good job in her new role.

“Sarah is a really kind, sincere person. I believe Sarah has the capacity to do this well and will be a good, effective president,” said Quinten Womack, Academic Chair for SGA.

“I expect her to help the organization grow like it has this year. I think this year we really got active and established a culture and reputation for getting things done both on campus and in the community,” said Schwandt. “What I see happening next year is an improvement in the overall engagement of all our members and maybe even pull in some students to help volunteer.”