Not as strong a hit as you think

Not as strong a hit as you think

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If there is any sign that Texas A&M Kingsville is growing it may start with the fact that the enrollment, despite losing more than ten percent of the student population at spring commencement, is expected to increase.

This semester, three commencement ceremonies and two keynote speakers will be necessary on May 11, starting with the engineering students at 10:30 a.m., Arts and Sciences at 1:30 p.m., and finally the rest of the class will be honored at 4:30 p.m.

“It’s always a good thing to have more students graduate,” vice president for enrollment management, Manuel Lujan “we always want to see our students get degrees, and it can only help us not hurt us.”

The numbers, although larger than normal, will not be completely accurate come May 11.

According to the provost office 742 students applied for spring commencement this semester but the actual figure is probably more than 600 people actually walking.

Last year a similar number applied, but 550 received their diplomas.

Sometimes grades do not come through for those who apply, or things just may not fall the way some expect at the time of application.

“Sometimes said grade will not come through or maybe a class is not being offered, “ Lujan said, “ life just happens and we expect it. It is going to be a bigger number this year regardless.”

The provost went on to explain that this year, enrollment went up six percent and it is still expected to increase because the transfer programs and are attracting interests as well as university advertisement and recruitment.

“There is a lot going on before the fall,” Lujan said, “what we are losing does not outweigh what will be coming in this fall.”

Bigger classes are to be expected, it is attributed to the university growth as a whole.

Kingsville native and AMK alumnus Ryan Broglie and A&M General Counsel Ray Bonilla will be the keynote speakers.

Broglie will speak at the first ceremony and Bonilla at the rest.

Mark Molina
Staff Writer