Harder to part with your textbooks: Buyback polices at the end of...

Harder to part with your textbooks: Buyback polices at the end of semester make selling books inconvienient

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The semester is coming to a close, and consequently, so are many textbooks!
After reading that last chapter, of course.
This week, the campus bookstore will begin buying and sometimes denying those books.
The difficulty of selling back textbooks is not because of the bookstores themselves, but the publishers issuing other editions that professors choose to use.
Although those editions may not be used here, don’t give up.
Many students have success selling books online to others who are still using past editions.
There are thousands of different websites willing to purchase textbooks.
Mary Gutierrez, store manager of the campus bookstore, will buy back textbooks from wherever you purchased them as long as they are still being used.
“There are limits as to how many we can buy based off of enrollment and based off of editions of the books,” said Gutierrez.
Gutierrez often finds students have trouble selling back their textbooks and advises them to consider renting.
“Its better to rent because you don’t run into that risk at the end of semester where we aren’t buying the book back at a high price,” said Gutierrez.
“I would suggest renting because most students don’t keep their books. Its better to keep books when you are in your upper level classes as a junior or senior to keep for your field of study, but for beginner courses, its best to consider renting.”
Many students are also unaware that the time you sell your textbook does matter.
For instance, bookstores don’t begin taking orders from professors until the summer session begins and there is a higher probability they will purchase books that won’t be used next semester.
The best time for students to sell back textbooks is during finals.
Selling them at the beginning of the fall semester will leave you short since the bookstore might not buy them.
Another important thing to remember when renting books, is that you must return them before, or by the due date or you will be charged the text’s full price.
“I had many students last semester come to me and say they no longer have it or they forgot and sometimes I can’t give them a refund,” said Gutierrez. “So its important that if you rent a textbook to return the return date.”
The return date to return your rented textbooks this semester is May 11.
Whether you are returning or selling, time is crucial to get things done.
Believe it or not, the semester, and the school year, is almost over.