Treyvon Martin: Tragedy or Trend?

Treyvon Martin: Tragedy or Trend?

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By Augustine Erebia- Communications Major

Why is there still so much buzz around this Treyvon Martin case?
The fact of the matter is I don’t care about Treyvon; I didn’t know him, and neither did all these people, or celebrities making a huge deal about him.
I’m sick and tired of hearing,
“He was just a kid.”
“All he had was a bag of skittles.”
I’ve heard stories about adults and children alike getting shot for reaching for their inhaler having while asthma attack in the middle of an arrest.
You don’t see people crying for them like they are for Treyvon.
They need to move on; it’s not like he’s the only black teen to ever be shot by a white or Hispanic man. Stop trying talk about the apparent racial slur mentioned on the phone call. You mean to tell me that all these other black kids that got shot aren’t called something racist before they are shot dead?
Just because Zimmerman was apparently caught on tape saying “F*****g c**n”, doesn’t make him public enemy number one.
How do we even know what he said was real? We already heard about an NBC producer getting fired for editing the tape in one way, why not another?
I feel America is quick to jump on the #trending topic bandwagon.
Have you ever seen this show on A&E called “The First 48?” There are countless black teenage American kids from all over the nation being killed daily. What makes Treyvon Martin different? Is it that he got shot in a gated community, and not the ghetto? Was it because he was apparently defenseless against a gun, and all he had was candy?
Was it the fact that Martin was not gang affiliated? Would it have been better if he claimed a “hood, or a crib, or a blood?”
Everyone deserves a chance to live a proper life; some fall short and others succeed, but does that mean we show the one who succeeded more courtesy than the local gangbanger?
They’re both people.
People have spent thousands, if not millions of dollars on the Treyvon Martin case, from shirts and hoodies, to advertisements and protests. There are kids in America growing up hungry and dying, why not make this a big deal? Because nobody cares it’s not a #trend.
#TreyvonMartin has become little more than a #trend. The people on the street wearing hoodies and holding skittles are just attention seekers.
It’s time to leave the case to our judicial system, and let George Zimmerman face a judge and jury of his peers. Let justice take its course, no matter the outcome.
Treyvon is gone and my sympathies are with his family, but there is nothing we can do anymore.


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