Obama Wanted: On A Steel Horse He Rides

Obama Wanted: On A Steel Horse He Rides

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Heads up, hunters! It turns out President Obama has a £10m bounty on his head courtesy of Lord Nazir Ahmed, a British Labour peer. Fair warning though, I hear those Secret Service guys are a tricky bunch!
There are a couple things worth discussing here: First off, the United Kingdom still has Lords? That is awesome; we should totally bring back Lords here in America! Imagine if the guy who brought your Whataburger to you had to call you “My Lord.”
Second, and this is in regards to the actual bounty situation: Who in their right mind could possibly give a crap?
Do you know the context in which this guy put a price on Obama’s head? Recently our president offered $10m for the capture of Lashkar founder Hafiz Saeed, the alleged mastermind of the 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai (commonly known as the “26/11 attacks.”)
Ahmed, during a reception in Haripur, Pakistan, reportedly told the Express Tribune, a daily Pakistani publication, “If the US can announce a reward of $10 million for the capture of Hafiz Saeed, I can announce a bounty of £10 million on President Obama and his predecessor George Bush.”
Now, I wasn’t there (I hear the weather in Pakistan is kind of “explode-y” this time of year, and I really just wouldn’t have anything to wear,) but it doesn’t sound like Ahmed was actually asking for a hog-tied Obama. No, it sounds like a dumb-ass Lord made a dumb-ass comment, and a dumb-ass reporter made it sound like the aforementioned dumb-ass Lord was serious.
But none of that mattered, did it? Ahmed denied ever talking about cowboy Obama (or the loaded six string on his back,) but he was still suspended by the British Labour party pending investigation.
Here in America, most of us will never hear about the price on our President’s head. Hell, we’ve got enough backwoods “Pennsyltucky” boys in this country who’d be willing to knock off Obama for free if it weren’t for those pesky guns his security detail carry.
These were just comments made by an idiot, nothing more. Do we really need to devote any time and energy to this imbecile? Sure, we keep an eye on the guy, and if he starts hanging out with Dog the Bounty Hunter, then we look into things a bit more thoroughly.
But should we pay attention to every single person who says something moronic? Do we need to give air time to person #283483 who was appalled by the offense of the week? What would happen if we just stopped caring about stupid people, and the stupid things they say?
Sure, we’d bankrupt the reality television industry, but these are the wages of a civilized society.

Joseph Frymire
JBN Director


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