Equal oppurtunity? Nah, they don’t need it.

Equal oppurtunity? Nah, they don’t need it.

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Wisconsin women have been victims of pay gaps for too long, and it seems as though Governor Scott Walker wants them to continue.
Not only did he sign bill SB202 that repeals the Equal Pay Enforcement Act that made it easier for women to file suit in wage discrimination but he also had some words on the matter. Walker claims that first of all there is no gap and secondly, “you could argue that money is more important for men.” In a country where, according to statistics by Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health, women earn 77 cents for every dollar a man makes (75 cents in Wisconsin) it is ridiculous for someone who is supposed to be in touch with and working for the people of his state to make these claims.
We live in a country where there are countless broken homes with single hardworking mothers, not to mention that most Americans don’t have the luxury of having one “breadwinner” and both parents have to work to live comfortably or make ends meat. It’s both enraging and saddening to watch someone be so oblivious. It becomes obvious that Walker has become entangled in a mental time warp, living in 1972 Stepford Connecticut.
Let’s all hope and pray it’s that, and not that he’s yet another politic in power completely out of touch with present-day America and the needs of the people.


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