Disarming the Middle East and arming the South

Disarming the Middle East and arming the South

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U.S. border officials have requested the military to send equipment that is no longer needed in Iraq and Afghanistan to the U.S-Mexico border.
Since the U.S. has pulled its troops, there will be almost two million pieces of equipment to be distributed, sold, or stored elsewhere, according to sheriffs from the bordering states of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.  U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar, (D – Laredo) along with other Texas congressmen, have sent a letter to U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta asking to send the surplus equipment to federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies along the U.S.-Mexico border to aid in their fight against the drug cartels.
For those of us who live in South Texas, or those who live in a border town, you might say it’s a viable solution for two immediate issues- it would serve as an OTC remedy for the cities who live a stone’s throw away from the violence-stricken country next door, and would be a good use of the tax-payer’s money.
If, however, you are from a northern Texas town, another state, country, or live under a particularly dense rock, then you might not be as well informed of the situation.
A few things one living in a border town might experience at least once (and I mean, at LEAST once)- witness a gang fight, read about a kidnapping, hear gunshots at any time of the day (depending how close you are to the river), hear bombings, see smoke from car bombs, or unintentionally witness a trade/drop-off of drugs, AK-47s, ammunition, or grenades at your local H.E.B. Pleasant atmosphere for shopping for groceries on an early Tuesday evening, don’t you think?
As “ghetto” and unrealistic as this may seem to the uninformed reader, these events take place on a daily basis in too many border cities. These crimes are directly connected to what is happening in the once beautiful and safe country that lies below us.
The cartels mean business, never play nice, and are doing whatever it takes to siege control of the crumbling nation. No, not the U.S., but for the citizens who reside directly on this side of the river, it just means that we are at the front door of the on-coming Mexican Revolution, and are feeling the burn of the fire and inhaling the smoke of the grenades. Yes, grenades. As well as bazookas, unlimited rounds of ammunition, AK-47s, rifles, helicopters, trucks, tactical gear, and an unlimited amount of funding for the military based cartel.
Do you think your local police department could stand a chance against half of that, if needed to be?
I don’t think so either.
Troops are not occupying the border (yet), but giving military equipment to those protecting it isn’t a horrible idea. The law enforcement agencies along the southern border could benefit from using the unused military equipment, and it wouldn’t be taking up space collecting dust in some compound.
We have our fingers crossed that they will never have to be used, but there’s nothing wrong with having extra protection.
You wouldn’t go into battle with just bullets and no gun, right?


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