‘Walk a Mile in Her Shoes’ to help stop sexual violence against...

‘Walk a Mile in Her Shoes’ to help stop sexual violence against women

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Ladies, come cheer on your fellow male students as they walk a mile in your shoes to raise awareness to stop sexual violence against women, Monday, April 16.
The participants will begin the walk at noon in front of College Hall. The event is co-sponsored by PEP Talk, Student Health and Wellness, and Woman’s Enrichment Program.
One in six American woman are sexually assaulted and the “Walk A Mile in Her Shoes” program has brought men from all over the country who have the heart and courage to put themselves in women’s shoes.
PEP Talk’s Vice President, Jesse Alvarado, is the head coordinator who will be in charge of the event as well as putting on his best heels for the walk.
“Its an interesting experience. The first year I wore wedges and the second I wore heels,” said Alvarado. “It did not hurt as bad as I thought it would and it was a great experience to see lots of different people there to support this cause.”
The event began at AMK in 2010 and each year there has been an increased amount of volunteers and success.
“The first year there were about 20 young men and the second year there were 30. It’s small compared to other universities who have over 100 people and more who volunteer,” said Alvarado. “We are looking to have a larger amount of volunteers this year and approached different organizations to raise awareness and find more young men to come and walk. We also have had lots of help with the Greeks on campus to be a part of the event.”
Most would think that young men might have trouble walking in high heels, but another concern is how to provide heels big enough for some of those who have large feet.
“We have had that problem because there are quite a few who can’t wear heels because we can’t find any that will fit,“ said Alvarado. “For the guys who can’t wear heels, we provide them nicely decorated flip flops with flowers so that they can still be a part of the walk. We also have some of the guys wear pink shirts as well.”
So men, come out and bring your feminine sides and ladies, bring your cameras to this exciting and fun event.
“I enjoy seeing their faces and expressions when they walk in heels,“ said Alvarado. “I know it’s for a good cause and I think year by year it will get bigger.”