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Letter to the Editor

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In regards to the editorial by the student author, Tuesday, April 3, 2012
Looks like the student author got an “A” in his journalism class for properly bashing Dick Cheney, rich people and “old” people.  If there was any validity in the student author’s assumptions Cheney would not have been waiting on the transplant list for 20 months.  The instant that rich, white, “old”, rightist dude decided he wanted a heart transplant it would have been bought and paid for, no 20 months on any list.  The whole editorial is a reflection of the student author’s dislike of Cheney, rich people and the “old”.
You could still have that elusive “A” even if you included something of real value, a solution to the transplant problem.  Trade one trash talking Cheney paragraph to address the real issue of the lack of organ donors.  In a more useful editorial the student author would encourage readers to register to be organ donors.  Anyone can register to be an organ donor on www.organdonor.gov.  They even allow “old” people to donate organs.  Those people on the waiting list wouldn’t wait as long and there would be more joy in the world.
This editorial is a carbon copy of all the other hate Cheney screeds.  It presents a false assumption and is journalistically divisive.  It is “A” quality material for school children but an “F” in the real world.  I challenge the student author to be unique and journalistically healing!  Identify common ground, not institutionalized hate.

Pat Allison


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